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 Product  Reviewed By  Date
Consonance LP2.1 Die Walkier turntable Magazine Hi-Fi  Sept 2012
Yulong Sabre A18 headphone amp Head-Fi June 2012
Yulong Sabre D-18 DAC Head-Fi

Jan 2012

Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 D/A converter Positive Feedback Online - Dean Seislove Dec 2011
Grant Fidelity W30GT Integrated all-in-one Tube Amp HiFi Zine - Jake Montzingo Dec 2011
Grant Fidelity W30GT Integrated all-in-one Tube Amp Enjoy the Music-Nels Ferre June 2011
ShengYa A206 MK Integrated Amplifier Enjoy the Music - Tom Lyle May 2011
Compact WZ-5 Speakers Gray Lea-Positive Feedback Online Mar. 2011
Opera D-Linear 7 and D-Linear 8 Digital Tom Lyle - Enjoy The Mar. 2011
Shuguang Treasure 6CA7 Tubes - Issue 31, pg. 170 Jeff Dorgay -Tone Audio Aug. 2010
Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-09 - July 2010 Issue, Pg.10

Dan Neilson - Affordable Audio

July 2010
Shengya PM-150 hybrid monoblocks Richard Austen - June 2010
Grant Fidelity TubeDac-09 Richard Austen - Apr 2010
Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z Geoff Husband - TNT-Audio Apr 2010 
Shengya A-80CS amp and CD-18CS player Todd Whitesel- Goldmine Magazine Feb 2010
Jungson JA88E amp / Grant Fidelity LS3/5A speakers Kent Johnson- Positive Feedback Online Feb 2010
ShengYa CS-6/PSM-600 Hybrid Amp System Ed Momkus - Dagogo Jan. 2010
ShengYa V-218 Horn Hybrid Speaker Phillip Holmes - Dagogo Dec. 2009
Jungson JA-88D-09 SS Int. Amp w/ phonostage Jake Montzingo - Affordable Audio Dec 2009
Opera Droplet 5.0 MkII Turntable and ST-600 Tonearm Gary Lea - Dagogo Dec 2009
Grant Fidelity MBS-1 Speakers Kent Johnson - Positive Feedback Nov 2009
Opera-Consonance LP6.1 turntable +T988 tonearm  Nels Ferre - Enjoy the Oct 2009
Opera-Consonance T988 tonearm Hi-Fi World (UK) Oct 2009
Grant Fidelity CD-1000 Tube CDP and Headphone Amp Clark Hertz - Stereo Mojo Oct. 2009
Grant Fidelity RITA-340 Reference Integrated Tube Amplifier  Jeff Dorgay - ToneAudio Sept. 2009
Shuguang Treasure 6CA7-Z and KT66-Z Tubes David Holgate

Sept. 2009

Grant Fidelity A348 tube amp, CD-327A, and MBS-1 speakers - most flexible system Todd Whitesel - Goldmine Magazine Aug 2009
Shengya A-S90 Receiver w/ USB input  Canada Hi-Fi Aug 2009
Grant Fidelity A-534B Integrated Tube Amp Gary Lea - Aug. 2009
Jungson JA88D(09) integrated amplifier with built-in phonostage Nels Ferre - Enjoy the Aug. 2009
Grant Fidelity A-534B SET 300B integrated tube amp with upgrade tubes Mike Peshkin - Aug. 2009
Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z (6SN7GT) Tube Mark Wheeler - TNT-Audio June 2009
GF RITA-340 Integrated Tube Amplifier Phillip Holmes - Dagogo May 2009
TJ Full Music 12AX7 gold pin tube Jeff Dorgay - TONEAudio May 2009
SPT-100 Supertweeter Mark Marcantonio - Affordable Audio May 2009
Shuguang Treasure EL34/KT88 tube Nels Ferra - Enjoy the May 2009
GF RBS-1 Morel Speakers Lorin Elias - April 2009
ShengYa 216 Hybrid Amp Kent Johnson - Positive Feedback Mar. 2009
A-534 300B SET tube amp Kent Johnson - Positive Feedback Jan. 2009
TJ Full Music 300B/SE Tube Leonard Norwitz - Enjoy The Music Dec. 2008
B-283 Tube Processor Mark Marcantonio - Affordable Audio Dec. 2008
CD-327A Tube CD Player Kent Johnson - Positive Feedback Dec. 2008
RITA-880 - Reviewers Choice Award Colin Smith - SoundStage Oct. 2008
A-348 Performance System Mike Pershkin - Positive Feedback Oct. 2008
RITA-880 Reference System Richard Austin - Dagogo Sept. 2008
RITA-880 Tube Amp Gerry Simon - Customer Apr. 2008
CD-327A Tube CDP Todd Arthur - Affordable Audio Jan. 2008
PC-1.5 Power Cable Gerry Simon - Customer Apr. 2008
PC-1.5 Power Cable Hans Sahlen - Customer Mar. 2008
MPF-120 and RPF-120 Power Filters Paul Chan - Customer Jun. 2008
A-534 Tube Amp Todd Arthur - Affordable Audio Apr. 2008
A-88 Tube Amp, P-307 Phono Pre-amp Stew Nelless - Affordable Audio Jan. 2008
B-283 Tube Processor Hans Sahlen - Customer Dec. 2007
B-283 Tube Processor Various - Forum Dec. 2007 -
A-348 Tube Amp Chris Miller - Customer Apr. 2008
A-88 Tube Amp Bernard Reimer - Customer Apr. 2008