Grant Fidelity B-283 Tube Processor

$219. Please visit your local dealer for a demonstration or visit The Grant Fidelity Online Store to purchase online. 

The Grant Fidelity Tube Processor is designed to transform your solid state audio signals into the much more pleasing musical sound offered by tubes. The B-283 is earning a reputation as low-cost 'Magic Box' among musicians, audiophiles and people who love to listen to great music. The B-283 is simple to operate, can install in your system in many configurations and has many uses such as:

  • Solid State CD Player Processing. Simply patch your CD Player thru the B-283 and into your amplifier/receiver for warming up and correcting what some call the digital harshness of CD's.
  • Home Theatre / DVD Player Processing. Initially installing on the 'front L&R' outputs of your DVD Player will improve the sound of your main speakers, especially with music DVD's. Another B-283 can be added for the Centre and Sub channels for a clearer Centre channel and a warmer solid bass for your Sub-woofer.
  • Pre-Amp Processing. Simply patch your pre-amp output thru the B-283 to your amplifier and all of your sources (CD Player, DVD Player, Turntable, Tuner etc) will enjoy the musical benefits of tube processing. This can also be achieved on most good stereo / home theatre receivers / amplifiers by patching the B-283 thru their pre-ins and pre-outs.
  • MP3 / iPod Players which compress the musical information, especially harmonics to achieve small file size. The B-283 can recreate the missing important 2nd and 3rd harmonic information from MP3 files, enchancing the musicality of the files and again adding the general benefits of Tube Processing to the overall sound. An interesting side note here is that by processing your MP3 with the B-283, your MP3s will sound better. To do this requires computer audio editing software and at least a semi-pro soundard. A little techie, but worth the effort.
  • Guitar, Bass and Keyboard Players. Adding the B-283 to your rig is bringing big smiles to everyones ears. Many of us have gone solid state 'digital' setups for the convenience of access to great presets and reduced weight/price. The B-283 gives you most of the benefits of a tube amplifier in a simple solution. A common comment has been reduced on-stage volume wars. See the Grant Fidelity forum for more discussions. For keyboard players emulating real instruments be prepared to have your emulations actually sound real with the B-283. A review of the B-283 in Hans Sahlen's bass rig is here .
  • Pro-Audio/Recording. A true 'Magic Box' that can become in important part of almost ever step of your music production process. We have all had a tool we always reach for and can't live without in the studio. The B-283 is such a tool, not by design, but then that is what makes it so cool. We hope everyone will share their found uses in the forum. My favourite is reduced ear fatigue during sessions.
  • Computer Musicians. One obvious way to use is to connect the B-283 to your Soundcard's main outputs for adding instant musicality to your digital work. Another is in your in/out loops for individual track(s) processing. My softsynth Reality is even better sounding with the B-283 and Reality scored a perfect 5 out of 5 for sound quality in every review !
  • More uses will likely be discovered and contributed to the

If you've read this far you are probably asking so whats the benefit of adding the B-283 to my system. Here are some:

  • While the jury will always be out on which is better in the audiophile world, it is always agreed that tube audio is warmer and usually more musical. Solid state was cheaper for more power for many years, but now with Grant Fidelity, tube power is much more affordable and solid state that compares to Grant Fidelity tube audio now costs much more. The cycle has reversed. But hey, we have spent good money on our solid state gear and just want to add tube warmth, natural presence and soundstage (the illusion of your speakers disappearing from your room). This is where the B-283 benefits us, with solid state 'digital' equipment.
  • The B-283 adds/restores natural harmonics that livens up your music.
  • The B-283 adds tube warmth to digital audio.
  • The B-283 reduces the work load of your amplifiers and allows them to breathe, creating the perception of more power as tube processed music's distortion at high levels is much easier on the ears.
  • The B-283 makes your speakers sound much more detailed as the tube processing gives the speakers more of the music information they expect.
  • Soundstage. An audiophile term about the 'space of the music'. Width, depth and height are all increased with the B-283.
  • Likley more benefits will be found in the forum.

Who the B-283 isn't for. Audiophiles with a 10k plus audio system. You have already paid good money for what the B-283 will do for lesser systems. Our tests have indicated that on true audiophile systems the results are close to no difference. Which is actually a good indication of how good the B-283 is. If you are an audiophile and want great tube sound, check out our Grant Fidelity amps.

Ian, June 15, 2007

Grant Fidelity B-283 Tube Processor
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